In the end… you think of the beginning

Where do I even begin on this post?  Tengo solo 6 dias hasta estoy en Nueva Jersey y me siento muy triste.

It´s not as if I don´t miss things about being in the States: high-speed internet, food with flavor, being able to flush the toilet paper in the toilet and not freezing my butt off in June/July.  Also, I dearly miss my family and friends.  But, these last two months have been full of both good and bad adventures that are beyond the realm of my usual routine. I feel uncertain as how my adjustment to my comfortable life in the States would look.

Lately, I ruminated over my experiences from the beginning of this trip, amazed at how it was a mere 7 weeks ago. It feels like I have been here for a lifetime. I guess in a sense it has been a lifetime since life in Cusco began 7 weeks ago.  I built relationships with people that I consider family and created my own bubble of a life in this place, completely separate from the other.  I´m running over all the ¨Hey remember that time when…¨and all the inside jokes and of course the interesting Dutch phrases I´ve learned.

Anyway, that is the extent that I will write of my strange mood.  I have many things to add to the blog and have been completely behind on… mostly the adventures of Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Colca Canyon and Manu (which I´ll probably do retroactively).

Cusco seems to constantly have celebrations and fireworks (usually waking me at crazy hours of the night/morning).  This week is Independence Day and last week was Virgen del Carmen. So I guess it will be as noisy and fun packed as June.

Stay tuned for more…

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