Sidewalks aren’t just for pedestrians

To pedestrians, the sidewalk is a safe little bubble, especially when exploring the charming little streets of Madrid. Maybe you pass an occasion skateboarder or roller skater. But there is something else lurking near by that may catch you by surprise.

Watch out for mopeds on the sidewalk!

I live right by a busy eatery that makes plenty of deliveries. More than once, I’d turn my head and find myself face to face to a moped driver just a few feet away! What is especially amusing to watch is when a moped hits a one-way street coming in the wrong direction. The driver will climb onto sidewalk and go the other way. Guess it’s more efficient than going around the block.

So, walkers, beware! Whether innocuously stepping out from your apartment building or navigating through a busy sidewalk on your way for a cup of coffee, keep your eyes peeled for mopeds! 🙂

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