Hiking the Austin greenbelt

I spent a beautiful, warm, sunny day hiking a gentle trail at Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas. It was only my second day in Texas, but this place alone was enough to give me a good impression of the town. The start of the trail was tucked away among some large homes in a little development. I wouldn’t have thought it existed there.  The hike was mild enough most of the way because the start is a descent down a rocky hill. Then, there is a nice dirt path which led to the little creek.

There were stones by the creek which were perfect for relaxing and enjoying the breeze and sun. The sound of the water and watching dogs play in the creek were so soothing, especially after a crazy semester in graduate school.

After the short stop by the rocks, I continued on the trail and saw this very interesting little beetle…

Then of course, there was a perfect tree to climb right by the creek! The nearest branch was not close to the ground, so I had to do some good old fashioned monkey climbing in order to maintain my tree-climber status.

There are many entrances to enter this popular greenbelt. The trailhead for the one that I explored was off Camp Craft Road. If you want to visit, turn into Scottish Woods Trail off the 360 highway. Enjoy!


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