around Jersey City

Wanderings look a lot different lately. With my constant companion, a completely dependent and adorable baby, things have changed. Since my child also happens to have a very spirited personality, he takes time to get used to things yet hates missing out on anything (read: doesn’t just fall asleep as other babies seem to). This combination means that venturing out too long can be a bit of a disaster. 

I see all the mamas out there who have travelled to many countries before their child’s first birthday. They are a constant inspiration on my Instagram. Unfortunately, that life doesn’t currently apply to mine, as much as I sometimes wish I could whisk us away for a break from this city life. 

Late naps and staying out past a 7pm bedtime mean a sleepless night for everyone, so we spend most of our time around our humble neighborhood. The days are filled with more calm and routine than the spontaneous activities I was accustomed to doing. 

There’s a life lesson here somewhere for me, I think. It probably has something to do with finding contentment with my here and now. I’m taking this as an opportunity to try to get to know the area around me a little better. There are enough new challenges around the corner that I should appreciate these peaceful routines while I can.